A Young Church Serves in Time of Crisis

The largest country in Central America was rocked with a crisis in mid-2018 when Nicaragua’s president announced changes to the social security program. Multi-city student demonstrations turned into violent protests. Demonstrators blocked roadways with barricades. Business in the country has been disrupted and the economy suffers. Tension and uncertainty are a part of daily life for many.

food care packages

At CALMS, we are especially concerned about our partner, the Lutheran Church Synod of Nicaragua. Because of generous partners like you we have equipped Pastor Hector to distribute several rounds of care packages of food in the name of Jesus as this crisis goes largely unnoticed by others.

The future is looking bright. Praise God that as of April 2019 we are able to resume sending teams to serve alongside Lutheran congregations and their pastors and deaconesses.

Family Received Care Package

family 2