CALMS worked in Belize for 12 years. We pushed the pause button in late 2017 for lack of a person on the ground. CALMS has many contacts and great social capital in Belize. We are praying for a ministry team to reactivate the work before these contacts and this good will grows stale. Do you know someone who could the answer to our payer? If so, let’s talk!

Belize is a beautiful yet complicated little country. With only 300,000 people, it is the smallest of the Central American nations yet it has at least seven distinct cultural groups within its borders. These include Garifuna, Creole, Mennonite, Chinese, Mayan Indian, Central Americans, and North Americans (Canadians and US citizens who live part time or full time in Belize). Many people believe that Belize fits in more with the Caribbean than with its Spanish speaking neighbors since English is the official language — and like Jamaica and the Bahamas, Belize was until 1985 a British protectorate.

Belize is an international tourist destination, and in fact, tourism contributes the bulk of Belize’s gross national product. Yet in addition to its beautiful beaches, its unrivaled barrier reef, jungle ecology, and interesting Mayan history, Belize also faces numerous challenges, including spiritual confusion, a lack of pastors and other church workers.

CALMS has responded to the spiritual and physical needs of the country by connecting US churches to specific villages throughout the country. The big idea is that through these long-term relationships the communities would become healthier in every aspect including health, education, leadership, infrastructure, community solidarity, and especially spiritual life.