Ten 20’s

Celebrate 20!

CALMS is celebrating 20 years of ministry this year. As a part of our celebration, we are inviting you to join in accomplishing ten 20’s. Some of these, like home building or dentistry, are activities that will be accomplished by those who travel. You can partner with teams by providing project funding or by participating in a trip.

Each month in our communications you will hear more about one of our “20’s” and how you can help.

  1. 20 homes being built in partnership between locals and short-term teams
  2. 20 people to give $20/month for discipleship training
  3. 20 home water filtration systems
  4. 20 Prayer Partners to pray for CALMS on the 20th of each month
  5. 20 people to give missionary support of $20/month for Milton Castillo (Panama)
  6. 20 people to give missionary support of $20/month for Charles Cohen (Guatemala)
  7. 20 People to give missionary support of $20/month for Pastor Hector (Nicaragua)
  8. Help identify, support, and equip 20 disciple-makers in training
  9. 20 days of dentistry provided by a local dentist
  10. 20 sets of Spanish Archbooks (Libros Arcos) to distribute as resources for children’s ministry